Samples of distinguished instructional media evaluations

World History until 1400 by MultiEducator (

Grade level: 6th and 7th grade Subject: Social Studies (History)

Type of media: Reference and tutorial

Date submitted: February 25, 2009

DataStudio with PASPORT Xplorer probeware by Pasco (

Grade level: 6-12 Subject: Science

Type of media: Data collection, analysis and graphing

Date submitted: 03/21/2009

Physical Education Portfolio: High by Bonnie's Fitware, Inc. (

Grade level: H.S. Subject: Physical Education

Type of media: Drill and practice

Date submitted: Winter 2009

Geometer's Sketchpad: by Key Curriculum Press (
Grade level: 3-12
Type of Media: Mathematics demonstration, exploration, investigation and presentation
Date submitted: Spring/Summer 2011